Friday, August 31, 2012

Tale of a Third First-Trimester

I can't believe Summer is almost over! Here's a quick rundown of what's been going on:

After Moses finished his first year of preschool, he attended two weeks of camp and one week of VBS. Caleb and Joshua finished Kindergarten, completed their first season of summer league swim team, and attended three weeks of VBS. While not attending these activities, the boys have enjoyed swimming in our backyard pool and watching Gospel Bill, Winnie the Pooh, Ice Age, and the Olympics (the boys thought the object of volleyball was to hit other players with the ball and make them fall over, and they erupted in laughter every time this appeared to happen), interspersed with the compulsory completion of a worksheet or two. While the twins whined and complained about having to write a couple sentences and scrawl a rudimentary illustration, Moses has been busier than ever creating an endless stream of self-initiated art projects. Our dining room table is constantly littered with scraps of paper, markers, crayons, scissors, tape, and staples. I think we need to get him his own studio, or maybe at least his own desk so that we can more easily use our dining table for its intended purpose.

I'm glad that we had swim practice and VBS to force us to get out of the house, because otherwise we probably would have just stayed home all day and the boys would've gotten absolutely no social interaction or exercise all summer long. As it turns out, I am expecting baby #4 and my morning-sickness was exponentially more severe than it ever was when I was pregnant with Moses or even the twins. Actually, it was so bad (my doctor offered me a nausea prescription, which I declined), and at one point I was measuring so large (we know it wasn't due to overeating because I could barely keep anything down), that my doctor suspected I was having twins and ordered an ultrasound. So at around 11 weeks we found out that it's just one perfectly healthy baby, which was either a huge relief or a slight disappointment, depending on who you ask!

In the throes of my first trimester misery, I passed the days glued to the couch or hovering over a toilet while the boys learned to fend for themselves. I'm proud to say that they now know how to use the toaster oven and microwave. And I am forever grateful to my mom who cooked dinner for us several days a week during this ordeal, so that we didn't have to subsist solely on Subway's tuna fish subs (one of the few things that appealed to me) and take-out pizza. I literally could not bring myself to cook dinner for two and a half months. One time my mom brought dinner over, only to find me curled up on the hallway floor outside the bathroom, half-clothed, with Caleb sitting beside me reading me a Dr. Seuss book and trying to coax me to drink water. She said I reminded me of herself when she was pregnant with me.

Many other women I know who have children of both genders also testified that their morning-sickness was much worse when they were pregnant with their daughter, so I was convinced that a miniature baby girl must be responsible for my suffering, and at times the prospect of a daughter kept me plugging along on days when I felt truly afflicted. But as the date of my ultrasound grew closer, and as I began to feel better at around 15 weeks, I wondered if my intuition might be wrong and we might be having another boy. I did marry a Wolf, after all, and Wolfs don't tend to produce much in the way of female offspring.

So before the ultrasound technician even said anything about the baby's gender, I could see the evidence myself while she measured the baby's thigh bones. After three boys, I guess we've been through this often enough to know what to look for. I just laughed. Honestly, I was slightly relieved. At this point, a girl child would be a mystery to me. And practically speaking, another boy will be more affordable since we have everything we need in the way of clothes and toys, and he and Moses will be able to share a bedroom when they're older. An added bonus (for me) is that I will be able to continue to defer to Joe when someone has a bathroom emergency in a public place. And best of all, encouraging friends have assured us that God must have great confidence in our ability to raise godly men.

Some quotes from this summer...

"Mom, mirage rhymes with garage!" -Moses

"Mommy, Rockette is brown just like me! She's brown like me!" - Moses

"I only want one baby, so I can have a twin. If you have two babies, then I won't have a twin." -Moses

Me: "Joshua, you got a little sunburned today. Your cheeks are pink!"
Joshua: "I know, but it's ok. God will make me peach again."

"When I become a grown-up I'm going to go to Norway and live in town. I'll live in town like John Marsten. But I will need a heavy coat and a face mask so that my eyelashes don't get frozen." -Caleb

Joshua: "Ohhh, what a furry baby!"
Moses: "I am not furry! Only animals are furry."

Joshua: "Ohhh, baby!"
Moses: "Mom, Joshua is fawning me." 

"Mommy, when I was a little baby I saw some water in your belly and I just dranked it. I was very thirsty. And I swimmed in your belly when I was drinking some water. It was fun in Mommy's belly. Yeah, it was very fun." -Moses
"Mommy, when I was in your belly it was very dark and I could see your skeleton. It was scary in Mommy's belly." -Moses
"Moses, don't be like Piglet. You need to have faith." -Joshua, when Moses was afraid of the dark
"Don't worry, maybe God can turn your hair black again." -Joshua's response to Mimi's new head of gray hair.


  1. I love Joshua's exhortation! So glad you write these quotes down. Whenever I spy a new post, I know I'll giggle reading it and grin the rest of the day as I remember their reflections.

  2. Thanks, Erica! I always appreciate your comments :-) Even though I write these things mostly for my own benefit so that I'll have some sort of record of the boys' childhood, it's nice to know that someone else out there is reading them, too!